Instructions on how to request delivery:

Have the following information before you request delivery and then call the bakery at 202-450-4462 to finalize your order:

  1. Name and address of recipient
  2. Delivery date and time (A three hour delivery window is required. If the recipient is not home to receive the product during the initial agreed upon delivery window, the delivery will be returned to the bakery. Only 1 attempt is made by the driver. A 2nd attempt will require an additional delivery charge.)

Pricing is subject to change.

• The below prices are for curbside delivery only, i.e. recipient must meet driver in front of builidng as parking is very difficult in the city.

• If you require driver to park and get our of car to hand deliver product, there will be an additional $15 to the below prices

• Same-day deliveries are double the price

• Prices double for both Weekend Deliveries or Deliveries after 5pm



Delivery Price US $