Follow these steps when wanting to place a special order:

1. Refer to the “Menu” section of our website to decide on the dessert(s) you’d like to order.
2. Have the following information ready before you call the bakery to place your order. We do not accept orders by email:

  • a. Flavor
  • b. Serving size (refer to the below chart for suggested serving size).
6” 2 Layer call call 4
9” 2 Layer call call 12-16
9” 3 Layer call call 16-20
12” 2 Layer call call 30-40
12” 3 Layer call call 40-50
Quarter Sheet call call 15-18
Half Sheet call call 30-36
Computer Print call
Custom Drawings call
Inscriptions (Per 3 words) call
Base Color Change call
  • c. Inscription requirements
  • d. Special design requirements. Please bear in mind that we don’t use fondant in any of our cakes therefore cannot sculpt 3D figures or objects to place on the cake nor can we sculpt the cake into a specific shape.
  • e. Time and date of pick-up
  • f. If you require delivery, please refer to the "Delivery" section of our website for instructions.
  • g. Have your credit card details handy as we require advance payment for all custom orders.

3. Call the bakery at 202-450-4462 between 9 am and 9 pm daily. We experience high call volumes on the weekends so we advise you to call Monday through Friday.
4. If you have problems getting through to us please send us an email to info@cakeroombakery.comwith your name and number and the date you require dessert to be ready so we can return your call in the order that it was received.