How to proceed...

Make your magical day even more special with a delicious tiered cake from The Cakeroom. Our affordable wedding cakes range between 2 and 3 tiers depending on how small or large your wedding may be. We respond to you quickly and can easily set up a no hassle cake tasting. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Here’s what you need to do to make this happen:

  • Email us at info@cakeroombakery.com to schedule your hassle free wedding cake tasting and meet our wedding cake consultant.
  • At the cake tasting you will get the opportunity to taste up to 5 different flavors of cakes. If you like several flavors, we can incorporate them into each tier so you are not limited to one flavor. We charge $25 for this session but credit it to your account if you purchase your wedding cake from our shop.
  • Choose from our many designs or suggest one of your own by showing us visual references of what you have in mind.
  • We will quote you based on number of tiers, design requirements, and delivery address, put your order through our system and expect a payment within two to three weeks of wedding date.

  • Please bear in mind that because our cakes are ONLY frosted with our homemade buttercreams and NOT with fondant, we are limited in terms of design. If you would like fresh flowers on your cake, that will be at an additional cost. Our designs are simple, yet elegant, but most importantly the flavor is what will have your wedding guests smiling from ear to ear. Happy wedding planning everyone!

    Serving Suggestions and Prices

    Type of Wedding Cake Layers Serves Price
    2 Tier Small 6in +9in 26-30 $250
    2 Tier Large 9in + 12 in 46 $300
    3 Tier Small 6in + 8in + 10in 50 $350
    3 Tier Large 6in + 9in + 12in 79 $400