Please note that ordering on-line through our on-line ordering site is more convenient, you can take your time to browse pricing options and styles, and you get an email confirmation of your order. We require all orders needed 48-hours or later to use our on-line ordering site. Visit our on-line ordering site now. If your order is less than 48-hours, you will need to either call us and place your order over the phone or come to the bakery and place your order in person. Therefore, please follow these important steps below before doing either option.

1. Important first step is to refer to our on-line ordering website to decide on the dessert(s) you’d like to order since that site has the updated pricing, full ordering options and availability.
2. Have the following information ready before you call the bakery to place your order. You can place the order in person at the bakery as well. We do not accept orders by email:

  • a) Cake Flavor
  • b) Serving size (refer to the below chart for suggested serving size).
6” 2 Layer call call 4
9” 2 Layer call call 10-16
12” 2 Layer call call 20-30
Quarter Sheet call call 16-20
Half Sheet call call 30-40
Computer Print $15
Custom Drawings $30
Inscriptions (Per 3 words) from $3
Base Color Change from $5
  • c) Inscription requirements
  • d) Special design requirements. Please bear in mind that we don’t use fondant in any of our cakes therefore cannot sculpt 3D figures or objects to place on the cake nor can we sculpt the cake into a specific shape.
  • e) Time and date of pick-up
  • f) If you require delivery, please refer to the "Delivery" section of our website for instructions.
  • g) Have your credit card details handy as we require advance payment for all custom orders.

3. Call the bakery at 202-450-4462 between 9am and 9pm daily. We experience high call volumes on the weekends so we advise you to call Monday through Friday during the morning hours if possible. Please pardon us if we have to place you on hold to attend to the customers in the store. Your call is very important to us so let us know if we can call you back rather than be placed on hold.
4. If you have problems getting through to us via phone please vist our on-line ordering to shop at your own pace at any time. Go to our on-line ordering website!.